Dylan Simon -- Kidder Mathews
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Dylan Simon -- Kidder Mathews
I specialize in the sale of apartment buildings in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region.  I focus on the sale of both apartment buildings and developable land ranging from $1M to $100M. I am passionate about real estate investment and development, economics, technology and urbanism. Through brokerage I assist apartment investors and developers in achieving the highest possible levels of return and build an advisory relationship that lasts ownership life-cycles instead of just a transaction.
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Microsoft Corp. leases 86,000 square feet near downtown Redmond, Washington - Puget Sound Business Journal

Microsoft Corp. leases 86,000 square feet near downtown Redmond, Washington - Puget Sound Business Journal | Dylan Simon -- Kidder Mathews | Scoop.it
Microsoft is planning a multibillion-dollar headquarters overhaul to increase office space by 2.5 million square feet and accommodate as many as 8,000 more employees. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to lease office space elsewhere.
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What is Facebook doing in Microsoft’s backyard? Building purchases point to Oculus expansion

What is Facebook doing in Microsoft’s backyard? Building purchases point to Oculus expansion | Dylan Simon -- Kidder Mathews | Scoop.it
Dylan Simon's insight:

"An entity that shares the same infamous address as Facebook...has picked up two parcels in Redmond, Wash., just a few miles down the road from Microsoft’s headquarters."

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At Microsoft, 'city' is in — even in the suburbs

At Microsoft, 'city' is in — even in the suburbs | Dylan Simon -- Kidder Mathews | Scoop.it
Dylan Simon's insight:

Is Seattle’s Link light rail giving new life to the suburban office campus? Microsoft’s expansion in Redmond—the company’s “love letter” to our region in light of Amazon’s HQ2 search—is timed to the completion of Eastside light rail stations in 2023.

Jack Henry's curator insight, February 13, 2:01 PM
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